Sweet Viburnum with Podocarpus

Podocarpus as a step down from Sweet Viburnum - Enlarge

Uses Shrub, Hedge, Topiary
Common Names Nagi Podocarpus, Japanese Yew
Scientific Name Podocarpus macrophyllus
Cold Hardiness Cold hardy
Light Needs Full sun or shade
Flower Color No Flower
Blooms N/A
Water Needs Drought Tolerant
Leaves Deep green, needlelike
E/D Evergreen
Mature Height 8 Feet, Dwarf version gets to 3 feet
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate

Called a yew pine is some areas, the growth pattern is an upright to somewhat oval shrub or small tree. The needlelike leaves are flat and a glossy dark green. This shrub can be pruned into round, square or cone-shaped columns—great on either side of an entry in large, stone pots. With its moderate to slow growth rate, it will grow to 8 feet if left alone, a nice characteristic if you want it to become a privacy hedge. (Florida state boasts some that are 20 feet tall. Apparently these specimens last for years!) Its dense foliage is perfect for this use. Do make sure to leave a space behind it if you want to use it this way; it gets rather uncomfortable if you have to brush against it while pruning.

It’s a Japan native, cold hardy and easy to grow—popular with landscapers around the world.

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