Ixora lining a sidewalk in Orlando with a wall behind it.

Strip of Ixora - Click to Enlarge

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Uses Shrub, Groundcover, Border
Common Names Flame of the Woods (Orange Species)
Scientific Name Ixora coccinea (Orange Species)
Cold Hardiness Not extremely cold hardy
Light Needs Full Sun, still flowers in light shade
Flower Color Bright Red, Pink, Yellow, Salmon
Blooms All year
Water Needs Drough Tolerant
Leaves Medium-Deep Green
E/D Evergreen
Life – A/P length Perennial
Mature Height 3 feet
Growth Rate Slow

Ixora is a generously flowering plant. With its origins in Tropical Asia, it does well in Orlando, especially if you put them in pots that can be moved into the garage when temperatures plummet. They have leathery leaves, from about 3 to 6 inches and the tiny, star-shaped flowers grow in clusters, sometimes reaching 7 or 8 inches across.

The nice thing about this plant is that its color varieties allow a wonderful opportunity to rainbow a garden with them. Check with your nursery to see all the varieties this family of plants is capable of producing. They love sitting around a sunny patio or pool. Ixoras also make a great choice for bonsai specimens. Be sure to remember that they are very susceptible to drying out and need regular, thorough watering, but be careful not to overwater. You want their roots to grow far enough down to protect them from drought. Enjoy Ixora’s bountiful blooms all summer long.


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