Orlando Landscape Design

Hiring a landscape architect assures homeowners of creating a professional looking yard that becomes an aesthetically pleasing welcome to all those who enter. The investment also increases the value of what is form many their most important asset.

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Everyone has different goals when creating a whole new look or just considering a touch-up. Take a look at some of the typical aspirations Orlando residents are looking to reach.

Florida Tropical

Everyone loves a yard bursting with color and the warm weather, abundant sunshine, and plentiful rain make it possible in Orlando. If you are willing to take a little care during the cold night and strategically plant in warm zones around the house, try this tropical landscape with Caladiums, Crotons, Dianella, Robellini, and Agapanthus.
Florida Tropical Landscape

Shade Tolerant

Live Oak trees grow very well in Orlando and have created quite a bit of shade, especially in the more mature parts of town. People want at least a little accent color mixed in with plants that maintain density without a lot of sun. This is an example of a “Shade Tolerant” landscape.
Orlando Shade Tolerant Landscape
Florida natural landscapes are also an interesting way to go, not as natural as the landscapes developed by companies like the Tampa Bay Mitigation Bank.

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