Loropetalum, Plum


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Uses Shrub
Common Names Fringe Flower, Loropetalum
Scientific Name Hamamelidaceae Loropetalum
Cold Hardiness Yes
Light Needs Sunny
Flower Color Fusia
Blooms Spring
Water Needs Regualar
Leaves Brown/Purple
E/D Evergreen
Mature Height 6-8 Feet
Growth Rate Moderate

Originating in China and Japan this evergreen can make you look like the Horticulturist Extraordinaire when it spreads itself all over the landscape.  One plant can spread 6-10 feet so you do have to keep up with it if you don’t prefer this organic look—it will outgrow a confined space.  The word that comes to mind is “drifts.”  It’s arching branches lend a graceful, romantic look to the landscape with its showy flowers that come in many varieties.  It likes the sun and, with regular watering, thrives nicely in our southern climate.  It’s used well as a foreground, shrub border, mass planting or a woodland garden setting.  Buying the smaller starter plants and putting them in baskets will make a lovely show on a porch or patio. They can also be trellis-trained or grow up a fence post to add that rustic look.  Try putting it on a hill in the middle of your lawn and you’ll have a showpiece as the focus.


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