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Uses Vine
Cold Hardiness Yes, cold hardy for Orlando
Light Needs Full sun best, still grows and flowers in light shade
Flower Color Trumpets: Whites, Pinks, Reds
Blooms Peak in July-August
Water Needs Should get regualar water without overwatering
Leaves Dark Green
E/D Evergreen
Life – A/P length Perennial
Mature Height 4-6 feet – Takes shape of surroundings
Growth Rate Fast

Transform your Florida patio into a romantic hideaway with pandorea, also known as bower vine.

Pandorea is a fast-growing, evergreen climbing vine. The dark green foliage makes a beautiful backdrop to the large, showy and abundant flowers that bloom throughout the spring and summer, usually reaching a peak in July and August. The trumpet-like blossoms range in color from white to pink to red with contrasting hints of darker color in the throat. Unlike some climbing vines, pandorea doesn’t become bushy. Instead, it maintains a pleasant, openwork appearance.

Pandorea flowers best in full sun but will grow in partial sun or partial shade. It prefers rich, moist and well-drained soils. Provide adequate water during the summer growing season. Pandorea’s sprawling runners will root naturally if allowed to grow along the ground. Use pandorea as a simple and sturdy alternative to a climbing rose. Tie and train it to grow along a fence or other upright for best results.

Pandorea’s growth rate will be influenced by the size and shape of the underlying structure. Pandorea can cover a 15-foot patio in two or three growing seasons. Use it to fill gaps in open fencing, to gracefully adorn the walls of pool houses or gazebos, even to add color to the trunks of palm trees. In containers with attached trellises, pandorea makes a beautiful, low-maintenance and portable privacy screen.


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