Philodendron Selloum

Philodendron Selloum

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Common Names Philodendron Selloum
Common Uses Accent, Specimen
Scientific Name Philodendron Selloum
Cold Hardiness Hardiness Zone 8B-11, hardy for Orlando
Light Needs Partial Shade
Flower Color No Flower
Water Needs Moderate drought tolerance
Leaves Medium Green
 E/D Evergreen
Mature Height 6-8 feet
Growth Rate Moderate to fast

Conjure a tropical paradise in your Orlando garden with Philodendron selloum. This gorgeous and low-maintenance perennial shows beautiful deep green color all year long, and is particularly striking in foundation beds and borders when paired with palms.

Philodendron selloum typically grows a single, 3- to 4-foot long woody trunk that eventually bends beneath the weight of the many branches and leaves. Sturdy leaf stems culminate in big, abundant green leaves that can grow to be 3 feet long and 18 inches wide. The smooth and shiny leaves are deeply serrated. Outdoors, selloum blooms periodically throughout the year, producing large, sweetly scented inflorescences covered with many small flowers.

Often thought to be best suited to full or partial shade, Philodendron selloum will also grow happily in full sun. Selloum tolerates poor soils, but does best in fertile soils enriched with organic compost. Philodendron selloum needs regular watering during the summer months and occasional irrigation during the winter ones. Luckily, the plant will visibly wilt when thirsty and recovers quickly and without lasting damage after a good drink.

Homeowners thinking of using Philodendron selloum should remember that this plant has a tendency to grow quickly to a large size. Avoid planting near walkways, as the sprawling leaves can overtake and block paths. Instead, use selloum as a foundation plant in beds or borders, or to create a charming island in a wide expanse of lawn. Philodendron selloum is easy to cultivate in containers both indoors and out, and adds a festive tropical atmosphere to shady patios or pool enclosures.


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