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Uses Shrub, Accent, Specimen
Scientific Name Plumbago auriculata
Cold Hardiness Cold hardy
Light Needs Prefers Full Sun
Flower Color Blue
Water Needs Fairly drought tolerant
Leaves Light to Medium green
Life – A/P length Perennial
Mature Height 5-6 feete

The hardy and cheerful plumbago is an evergreen flowering shrub that loves hot Florida summers and blooms almost continuously here.

Plumbago naturally grows in a dense, rounded shape. Many 2-inch long, oval, bright spring-green leaves line the slender woody branches. The profuse flowers are small tubes that open into five petals. Most often sky blue, they can vary by plant from deep cobalt to periwinkle. Plumbago typically blooms year-round in Florida, except for unusually chilly winter months.

Plumbago prefers a slightly acidic environment and does best in sandy soils with adequate drainage. Flowering is more intense when plumbago is planted in full sun. Moderately drought resistant, plumbago needs little watering once established. Plumbago can withstand heavy pruning. Shape it into formal, informal or mixed hedges or allow it to sprawl in flowerbeds. Since flowers appear on new growth, blooming won’t be affected by late-winter pruning. Plumbago may appear severely damaged by frost, but will bounce back when warmer temperatures arrive.

The versatile plumbago makes a charming and colorful accent in flowerbeds and borders. Use it as a free-form backdrop for other, more structured plants, or prune it into a vine to climb pillars and fences. It can be used in planters or hanging baskets on porches and patios, where its long stems and dripping flowers will droop attractively over the edges of the containers.


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