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Uses Shrub, small tree
Common Names Frangipani
Cold Hardiness Not very cold hardy for Orlando
Light Needs Partial or filtered sun ideal
Flower Color White, yellows, pinks, reds
Water Needs Drought Tolerant once established
Leaves Medium Green
E/D Evergreen
Life – A/P length Perennial
Mature Height Up to 25 feet with wide canopy
Growth Rate Fast

The exotic fragrance of plumeria perfumes Florida summer evenings with an enticing hint of the islands.

Plumeria is a small shrub or spreading tree with thick, bony, grayish-green stems. The large leaves are medium green, leathery ovals that fall away in the winter months. They reappear in the spring and cluster at the stem ends, perfectly positioned to frame the spectacular summer flowers. The blossoms are composed of five waxy petals, usually grow in groups, and vary in color from whites and yellows to pinks and reds. Plumeria blossoms are most famous as the flowers used to make Hawaiian lei necklaces, and are prized for their delicious, unforgettable scent.

For best results, plant plumeria in rich, well-drained soils in bright, partially sunny locations or filtered shade. Avoid overexposure to direct afternoon sun. Tropical plumeria are salt tolerant and can withstand moderate droughts once established. Young trees require regular watering during dry periods. Plumeria can be grown in containers that are adequate to support the weight of the spreading crown. Use selective pruning to shape.

The architectural silhouette and striking flowers of plumeria make it an ideal accent tree in lawns, frontages or tree boxes. Add plumeria to mixed shrubbery borders for seasonal color and interest. Cultivate plumeria in flowerbeds or containers near patios or windows where summer breezes can carry the sweet scent of the blossoms indoors.


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